Recliner Sofa


Power Recliner 

A power recliner allows for an infinite range of seating positions, making it perfect for any situation.

 It provides relaxation after a long day or a cozy nap spot; this recliner has you covered. With its plush cushioning and soft, textured fabric, you’ll be able to relax in style. 


A recliner that not only reclines but also has a built-in power lift mechanism, making it easy to get in and out of. Best choice for those who need extra help getting up and down. 

Lay-Flat Recliner: 

A recliner that allows you to recline back so that you’re lying flat. That is great for napping or taking a break from sitting up straight. It is ideal for sleep and rest.

Rocker Recliner

A recliner that rocks back and forth, providing a gentle massage-like experience. Relax, but don’t want to lie down. 

Glider Recliner

Glider recliner gives a choice to move back and forth, similar to a rocking chair. This is perfect for soothing babies or calming adults.

Swivel Recliner

The swivel recliner rotates 360 degrees due to the circular base. Small space is a major problem in homes, so it is specially made for small spaces and also provides easy rotation toward the TV or fireplace easily.

Our Recliner Sofa Upholstery Service

Looking for a luxurious recliner sofa that will provide comfort.High-quality recliner sofas, upholstered in various fabrics waiting for you. This recliner sofa is upholstered in the finest quality fabrics and is available in multiple colors and styles to suit your taste. With its comfortable seating and stylish design, the Recliner Sofa Upholstery is ideal for any space.

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