Leather Sofa


Full grain-leather Upholstery

A sofa is a significant part of furniture and one that you desire to endure for years.

The best option to stand the test of time and add style to your living space, then a sofa made with top-grain leather is the right choice for you.

It’s considered one of the best kinds of leather in the world. This is manufactured from the outer layer of natural animal hide. 


The top-grain leather sofa has been enduring for a long time due to it,s uniqueness and pure, high-quality leather. It,s upholstery retains the quality for many years without any problem. The texture of this sofa is very smooth and soft. It matches every living room with it,s royal view.


There is no need for regular maintenance. You can get the best quality customized leather sofas from us. It is 100% pure leather.

Dubai Sofa Repair is working with client satisfaction. We are known for our excellent service. We have a range of fabric upholstery and leather upholstery to choose from. 

We are providing on-door customization service.

Top & Split Grain leather Sofa upholstery

There is a finest quality; it’s stable and soft. It can be dyed easily and will not fade as quickly as natural leather. This is a very smooth and delicate surface texture that makes it look like genuine leather but at a fraction of the cost.

Split grain leather is made from split cowhide, making it even more durable than top grain leather. The splits in the hide are buffed out to give you a rugged finish with a high gloss shine. This type of fur is also significantly thinner than the top grain—the main reason to order it,s less expensive.

Faux & bonded leather Sofa Upholstery

There is an excellent choice for animal lovers who want the look and feel of leather without harming any animals. It is hand-crafted. Faux leather is the best combination of plastic and rubber-coated fabric but still 17% leather. Bonded Leather is a great combination of other leathers. These are less expensive than other leather upholstery.

It saves the sofa from cracking and peeling and is stronger than natural leather

Aniline Leather Sofa Upholstery 

The leather sofas
are a popular choice for any home.

This leather is popular because of its variety of styles and colors

It can dye according to your preference.

We ensure the quality of the hide which is processed.

Protective finishes increase the life of the leather.

Stained and fade-resistant make this unique.

It gives a soft texture.

Our Leather Sofa Upholstery Service

There is a beautiful addition to any home, but keeping it looking its best can be challenging.
Looking for a luxurious and comfortable sofa upholstery that can add special magnetism to your room? Our leather sofa upholstery services can help keep your leather sofa looking new. Upholstery Made from the best quality leather is comfortable and stylish. leather, it is both comfortable and stylish.

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